How development appraisals can help property developers

September 28, 2022

We are all familiar with the saying, "help me help you!" rightly or wrongly; most of us tend to shy away from these gestures. Common reasons are a lack of trust and a natural fear of the unknown. We want to change this narrative.

We are Proverest. We are so much more than a tool. We are part of a new generation of market appraisals that is in touch with the latest tech. We keep close relationships with innovators in the market to streamline our operations and retain our manner of working fresh and innovative. We value trust, respect, and continuity in that order, above all else.

Simplifying property research funding

Every journalist benefits from solid research to back up their journalistic materials. This also rings true when you are developing a new product or launching a competitive one. Analysing the market or knowing your target audience is a good starting point.

It all starts with a vision. We learn early on that we need to use market analysis. The idea was to gather information on the current and future of a specific market (market appraisal). This experience taught us that we could look at the market as a whole or focus on particular parts, such as profitability for the clients, being lender friendly, and any flaws in our competitor's product.

We are a dedicated team of property professionals who want to ensure you are protected from any potential pitfalls of property development, whether you are looking to convert a garage into a 4th bedroom or the erection of several residential dwellings. In essence, it doesn't matter how complicated an opportunity may seem; Proverest can provide an appraisal to match your ambition. Our core objective is for our customers to feel actively engaged with the team and, in turn, for us to produce an outcome that will put smiles on faces.

Measure the viability of a property development project easier

We have yet to develop an application that permits us to take a dive deep into the future of a market and predict profitability and trends or the ability to go into clients' headspace to obverse what makes them happy. Working progress but in the meantime, how about settling with our market appraisal tool that gives you powerful insights into the market we both occupy?

  • Rapid Development calculator: Get access to advanced intelligence on your potential next development or investment for free in three steps. 
  • Market appraisal: If only we could read minds, said with a grin. We all know that market analysis studies the attractiveness and dynamics of a particular market within a certain industry. However, it is also zooming in on consumers as individuals and getting to know their wishes, pains, problems, and expectations. Related to the product, that is. That being said, we are best placed to provide a service they can rely on. 
  • Personalised dashboard: Your opportunities, your scenarios, your decision in one place. Start new projects and instantly compare options.
  • Market analysis: The messaging function saves time and simplifies the communication between sellers and potential buyers.
  • The reporting is important to every property developer and investor and even more critical for financial institutions (lenders). Christopher May, Head of Navian in the UK, "our tool is well-versed in this industry, and we have long experience in financial services to ensure Proverest market appraisal reporting meets the lender's needs".
    Proverest bespoke reporting allows you to build your reports your way for internal or external use. Customise and personalise with all the information you need.
  • Lender matching: Instantly match your development project with tailored funding options.

These all form part of the market analysis we were alluding to. It has allowed us to stay relevant and think long-term. The market is always changing, and it's important to keep up-to-date with the latest trends and technology. Our tool helps you make better development decisions, most importantly, lender-ready without any guesswork.

When all is said and done, why not get in touch with us today.

By the team at Proverest, Published September 28, 2022

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